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Product Range

Ventsec offer a range of specialised purpose engineered products to suit both pumping and spraying applications. Our products have been developed exclusive for the WAP System with compressive and flexural strengths exceeding that of conventional methods currently utilised. Wastage from existing dry products being blown through mesh into return airways or lost at the hopper has been reduced by up to and exceeding 30% thus decreasing costs and increasing efficiency.

Our comprehensive standard products offer our clients a starting point where each individual product can be adapted and customised to their individual requirements.

Engineered Wet Applicator Pumpable Products

Pre-packaged, ready to use shotcrete mix for wet applications utilising the VentSec Wet Applicator Pumping System.

Technical data sheets

Engineered for early adhesion and expedited set times.

Engineered specifically for high strength.

Engineered for high early strength and rapid setting time.


Engineered for early adhesion and pumpability.


Contains high dispersion micro fibres to ensure homogeneity of sprayed shotcrete.

This range of products are available via our Australian distributors.
Click on the links below for direct contact with a distributor within your respective state.

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