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The WAP unit has allowed us to complete outbye projects that would have otherwise required planning for between shifts.


With no dust being generated from the pump we were able to complete these projects during standard shift times with no impact to production or inefficiencies due to short spray windows.


Whilst on site the pump has performed exceptionally with no issues and good application rates


Connor MacRae | Mining Engineer


As a reputable mining company Nexus we had the pleasure of using the WAP spraying unit on a task conducted at Dendrobium colliery. 

Spraying the surrounds of an emergency sealing door installation was proving difficult due to the location at portal entry and interaction with an upcoming longwall move, mine traffic. 

Planning the timeframe for spraying with a conventional pump was becoming problematic. Re dust issues. 

The WAP was used and the end product was outstanding and it fit into the schedule bringing the project home before the end date. 

The biggest advantage was the dustless application and ease of use. A crew was waiting at one point for the bag to be completed and were unaware that we were actually spraying due to the dust free application. 

Ventsec are to be applauded for the design and also the assistance we received was above and beyond our expectations. 

As we know dust is a major hazard in our already hazardous industry and to have a applicator of this nature is a huge advantage for use and the health of our workforce. 

We will most certainly use this applicator on further projects within our company in the future. 

Kind Regards,


Alex Amidzovski | Project Manager

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Mine Hire Solutions was on the search for an industry changing solution and we found that with the VentSec Designed Wet Applicator Pump.


MHS has taken ownership of the exclusive distribution rights within the NSW Underground market for the WAP and the V-shot materials.


This unit has proven that a dust free shotcrete application can be delivered successfully to the market.


Completed applications with our clients consist of strata consolidation, road repairs, ventilation control devices, repairs to underperforming seals and stoppings.


Coupled with leading technology, the supporting products are giving clients flexible options where they can complete applications within their planned timeframes. With little to no impact on production therefore making these applications more efficient and cost effective.


The dust free design enables workers to complete tasks in a safe environment with limited exposure and confidence of a quality final product.


Ongoing development from Ventsec gives MHS the confidence that it remains a solutions-based company that can deliver desirable outcomes for its clients.


We believe that the new technology will be visible in all underground mine sites in the near future.


MHS has been engaged by the below NSW sites/applicators to execute works with the Wet Applicator Pump and V-shot materials:

  • Springvale – Centennial

  • Ulan West – Glencore

  • Ulan Underground – Glencore

  • Ashton UG – Yancoal

  • Tahmoor – SIMEC Mining

  • Metropolitan Mine - Peabody

  • UGM

Brad Swancott | Sales Director

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