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VGrout Product Range

Ventsec affiliated with our exclusive civil design engineering partners demonstrate world leading technologies and expertise in the cements and supplementary cementitious materials, our partnership owned professional skills offer sustainable, high performing products and base line constituents.
With experience ranging in almost three decades in the manufacturing and advanced materials sector, our combined group specialises primarily in fine powders and constituent products for the global mining and construction industries.
Our partnership owns jurisdictional patents across multiple continents inclusive of Australia.


  • High early strengths and setting times

  • Economical products

  • Readily available

  • Carbon reduction technology


  • General infilling applications 

  • Consolidation of granular materials (strata)

  • Tunnel grouting mine infill / stabilisation 

  • Rock bolt anchor grouting

In addition to our wide range of base products, Ventsec provide custom engineered grouts and fine powder technology tailored specifically for our clientele for advantages in safety and production alike.

Engineered Mine Grout

Engineered Mine Grouts

Pre-packaged, ready to use grouts packaged in 20kg bags, 600kg, 1000kg and 1200kg bulk bags.

Technical data sheets     

VGrout HY30 bag_edited.png
VGrout 5 bag_edited.png
VGrout 7 bag_edited.png
VGrout B2 bag_edited.png
VGrout FS bag_edited.png
VGrout T8 bag_edited.png

Industry standard high yield grout, 5MPa @ 2.5:1 WPR

Industry leading high yield grout, 7MPa @ 2.2:1 WPR

Bottom-up multi-purpose flowable grout. 2 hour set time.
High yielding, low pH. High strength 90MPa @ 0.30:1 WPR


Top-down thixotropic cable bolt grout. 2 hour set time.
High yielding, low pH. 75MPa @ 0.35:1 WPR

A high yield grout slowed to allow for longer placement times and
pumping distance up to 200m. 5MPa @ 2.5:1 WPR

High yielding low strength cavity fill foaming grout.
1.3MPa @ 1.8:1 WPR

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