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Bulk Product Hopper

The Ventsec Bulk Product Hopper has been introduced primarily to complement the Wet Applicator Pump by allowing operations to transport and convey up to 3.6 tonnes of product underground in a single movement. The addition of the hopper further eliminates the impact of dust exposure to workers in the underground mining industry.
Ventsec have collaborated with industry experts in bulk product transfer applications to produce the greatest outcome for performance and reliability. 
This pneumatically powered hopper has been designed, engineered, and manufactured to comply with the NSW Resources Regulator. Fitted within a QDS frame, this allows the hopper to be easily managed around the underground environment with any LHD.  
The Bulk Hopper combined with the Wet Applicator Pump is a great solution for all ventilation and sealing activities, strata consolidation, strata sealing for the prevention of gas emissions, instant damming and water control, water storage and all major civil installations.

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