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Products and Services

The formation of our company and close alliances has allowed our team to focus on providing quality innovative ventilation and consolidation solutions to the mining industry.

Our comprehensive standard product range offer our clients a starting point where each individual product can be adapted and customised to their individual requirements.

We are continually collaborating with mining clients to provide solutions through innovation, particularly where health and safety aspects can be improved. If you or your company have a challenge that requires some outside assistance, please contact our team.

The Ventsec range of products are engineered with full focus on reducing the carbon impact on the environment.

This world leading technology within our products offers up 85% reduction in carbon.


Low Profile QDS Hydraulic

The Ventsec Wet Applicator Pumping System is a phase forward for the prevention of dust disease in the underground mining industry. Our extensive research and development have provided the platform for us to introduce an industry first dust mitigation system to assist mining operations with improved control over health risk, compliance and production.

The Ventsec designed system combining both leading Australian and German engineering is ideally suited for both the underground mining and civil engineering sectors.



Ventsec offer a range of specialised purpose engineered products to suit both pumping and spraying applications. Our products have been developed exclusive for this system with compressive and flexural strengths exceeding that of conventional methods currently utilised. Wastage from existing dry products being blown through mesh into return airways or lost at the hopper has been reduced by up to and exceeding 30% thus decreasing costs and increasing efficiency



The Ventsec Bulk Product Hopper has been introduced primarily to complement the Wet Applicator Pump by allowing operations to transport and convey up to 3.6 tonnes of product underground in a single movement. The addition of the hopper further eliminates the impact of dust exposure to workers in the underground mining industry.
Ventsec have collaborated with industry experts in bulk product transfer applications to produce the greatest outcome for performance and reliability. 


grout bowl.png

As part of our latest innovative developments our team have completed all design and testing of the “Eat My Dust” Grout Bowl Dust Mitigation System. Easily assembled and lightweight our innovative system has been designed to protect operators from harmful airborne contaminates when decanting grouts into pumping facilities.

Our system has been designed to accommodate all brands of mixing and pumping units.


Suspended load apparatus.png

We have designed and introduced a mechanism for the bulk product hopper that allows operators to safely and efficiently dispense bulk bags into the Bulk Product Hopper whilst mitigating the risk of suspended load. Our engineering team can also adapt this arrangement  to various other systems that require loading from bulk bags such as bulk stone dusters or bulk salt spreaders etc.


Engineered Mine Grout

Ventsec’s vast array of underground and surface mining experience has allowed us to take our previous challenges within strata consolidation and rock bolt anchoring to the next level. We now provide a wide range of base line products along with the unique ability to deliver custom engineered grout and fine powder technology tailored specifically for our clientele producing significant advantages in safety and production activities alike.



Many challenges are faced when building and maintaining high trafficable underground mining roadways, our civil design engineering teams have developed unmatched solutions in our VRapid range, both the VRapid R-40 and VRapid R-60 are high performance cementitious road building / roadway repair products specifically designed for treating poor quality in-situ material and transferring into a stabilised trafficable roadway. 


Double doors 3.JPG

With many years of industry exposure the Ventsec team have gathered together a vast range of products, from conventional sprayed stoppings and seals to 50 tonne trafficable overcasts. 
Ventsec strive to deliver not only conventional ventilation control devices and products to our clients, our engineering and manufacturing facilities allow us to design custom requirements for any application inclusive of certification. Our exclusive agreements allow us to solve many ventilation and strata related problems. 

VentSec are continually collaborating with mining clients to provide solutions through innovation, particularly where health and safety aspects can be improved. If you or your company have a challenge that requires some outside assistance, please contact our team and we will be sure to assist with your needs.

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