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Mining Solutions and Innovation Specialists 

The formation of our company and close alliances has allowed our team to focus on providing quality innovative ventilation and consolidation solutions to the mining industry.

Our comprehensive standard products offer our clients a starting point where each individual product can be adapted and customised to their individual requirements.

The pursuit for modernising technology and improving efficiencies is driving us to deliver ground-breaking services and products into your operation.

Our latest industry innovation


Australian Patent No.


Pneumatic Model

Hydraulic Model

The Ventsec Wet Applicator Pumping System is a phase forward for the prevention of dust disease in the underground mining industry. Our extensive research and development have provided the platform for us to introduce an industry first dust mitigation system to assist mining operations with improved control over health risk, compliance and production.

The Ventsec designed system combining both leading Australian and German engineering is ideally suited for both the underground mining and civil engineering sectors.

Our Australian Distributors

VentSec are proud to to partnered with our exclusive distributors of the Wet Applicator Pump for the states of NSW and QLD

Please click on the links below to contact the distributor in your respective state for Wet Applicator Pump and associated product inquiries 

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