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Our overcasts are manufactured to a standard size of 3.2 X 4.8 X 6m although customisation is always an option.


Key Features

  • Fabricated with flat sheet to prevent water pooling and easier cleaning.

  • Innovative U beam roof bracing for safer installation doing away with the need for roof stays.

  • Swinging - hinged adjustable ramps, designed for safer and easier installation, catering for varied floor profiles.

  • Overcast has been designed so all cross bracing etc. is on the outside shell giving the overcast a smooth interior wall reducing the risk of protruding parts being damaged by machinery or personnel.

  • Adjustable wall braces.

  • All holes are elongated for ease of fitment.

  • Rated lifting lugs.

  • Overcast comes packed so each section is labelled and easily discernible for installers.

  • All bolts, nuts and washers included.

  • Able to be erected into place in one piece, one lift!

  • 5 PSI

Overcast Systems

Unrated overcast (full roadway segregation)

Unrated overcast (lid style)

5 psi overcast (full roadway segregation)

5 psi overcast (lid style)

Trafficable overcast (50 tonne rated)

Trafficable overcast skewed (50 tonne rated)

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